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Outsource The Rest

Our  Services


  • Data Entry

  • Word Processing

  • OCR / Scanning

 Web Related

  • Research
  • URL submission
  • Basic HTML changes
  • Auto responder Settings
  • Keyword research help / Reports
  • Web Harvesting
  • Web Promotion
  • Forum Postings
  • Ebook Cover Creation


  • Word/Excel Macro designing/
  • Step by step guidance for users
  • PERL programming 
We offer basically the back office services which an entrepreneur needs for developing his business. 

The main areas are
  1. Database Management
  2. Business Lead Generation

As far as Database management is concerned, we offer all sorts of Data Entry services, OCR/Scanning activities and programming related for faster database access like Word & Excel Macros, PERL scripts for web data collection.

Business lead generation is a very big activity and we offer prime support here which includes Web research, Web data collection,  Web promotions which includes Keyword research, submission to search engines and directories. We can also manage auto responder services for business lead generation. 

Our other web promotion services includes blog postings, forum postings and article posting and research, graphics development like header graphics and ebook cover graphics.

Apart from this, as we are fast learners, if clients have specific requirements, we can provide support accordingly.

We like our work and we do it with passion. So all clients find the situation as win-win and get quality & professional support.